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Welcome to Saving-Genesis. This site is primarily dedicated to the wellness of our beautiful daughter (Hannah), but we hope to make it a source of hope and a resource for the general well-being of families with children who live with neurological injury. We thank you for visiting and hope that you’ll take a few minutes to read through the material. Please read Hannah’s Story and let us know if you can be a part of her recovery or if we can assist you in any way –we are grateful and blessed by any help you can provide.

We would be remiss to ask for assistance for our daughter without also acknowledging the need so many injured children and families have for emotional and financial assistance. We give a sincere "thank you” to the many devoted parents and workers who have made it their life’s work to help children in need -they are a salvation for so many families in search of hope. If you have the heart to help children with neurological injuries, but do not find an answer with Hannah, please, PLEASE continue the search. I’ve provided many links on our Families with Hope page that will take you to other families who need the bit of deliverance you can provide. We know some of these families personally, but have never spoken to most, but hope in some way we can be part of the solution that brings them to wellness.

If you have a child with a mild or severe brain injury we encourage you to read on and to visit our Resources page to find the tools we believe are essential for placing your child on the road to recovery. It may feel that the weight of the world is on you but take heart -your child's potential is far beyond what you may have realized. We were truly amazed by the many families we've met and the amazing stories they've shared with us. Continue to invest in your child's full recovery and your story will be a source of hope and inspiration for other families in need.

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